Each piece of furniture is custom designed and individually made. The process starts with a discussion between the clients and me. Sometimes the starting point is a picture of a piece that clients have seen; sometimes it is a description of the role the piece will serve (a dining table for twelve, a canopy bed for a teenager). Sometimes clients want to sit in my library and look at some of the many books that picture wonderful 18th and 19th century furniture.

Gary Green-Pope Chest replicaOnce clients have selected the piece that meets their needs or fulfills their dreams, I make full scale drawings to work out all of the details of the piece. The next step is the selection of the wood. I search for just the right wood for each piece by contacting a number of specialty suppliers. Once the wood arrives, the construction begins. Often there are contacts with the client along the way, as we work together to ensure that the final product matches their expectations.

The final step is the placement of a meticulously crafted piece in the clients’ home and my opportunity to feel once again, “I made it.”

NEW! A retrospective book of wooden boxes. Take a peak here.